Frequently Asked Questions

Q. You haven't included the price of treatments, why not?

A. We have a price guide available for the asking, but all prices depend on the amount of work that needs to be done. A simple filling, for example, will cost less than one which takes more time and materials so to give you a rough estimate of price, we need more information on your problem. It is always advisable, therefore, that if you have a problem you should see a dentist as soon as possible or it could end up costing much more.

Q. Does it hurt?

A. It shouldn't hurt. We have several options available if you think you might be nervous including a personal inhaler system (Penthrox) and a prescription-only pill (Midazolam). Please consult us well in advance to decide which, if any, would be suitable for you. All potentially painful treatment is usually done under a local anesthetic administered as painlessly as possible so extra sedation is recommended only in extreme cases of anxiety.

Q. What if I have to cancel my appointment?

A. We understand that most people occasionally encounter unavoidable work and family commitments. However, if you have opted not to have a phone or txt reminder the day before or we contact you and the appointment is still missed, we may have to charge a missed appointment fee. The reason for this is that we will have kept your space open for you which will be idle and we will be losing money.

Q. How do I opt out of receiving unsolicited calls for a regular check-up

A. When we add you as a new patient, we put you in our 'regulars' file with a 6 or 12 month recall for an examination and clean as recommended by the dentist. If you wish to be taken off this list you just have to let us know!

Q. Do kids get free dental treatment?

A. Children not yet at High School may be seen for free by a school dental nurse, so you will need to arrange this through the school. Once children have started at High School they are eligible for free dental treatment at our clinic until they turn 18. It doesn't matter if you leave school, you can still get the free treatment until your 18th birthday.

Q. What are WINZ quotes, and how can I get one?

A. Work and Income NZ (WINZ) entitles those on a low income to several benefits, including a certain amount of free dental treatment. This usually amounts to about $300 per year. If you need essential treatment and think you may qualify as a beneficiary, you will need to book a 15 minute appointment for a WINZ quote including exam, with one of our dentists. We will be able to assess your problem and provide a quote for you take to WINZ for processing. The appointment usually costs between $50 and $70, but if the treatment is approved the cost of the quote appointment is also covered.

Q. Can I have treatment now, and pay later or over a period of time?

A. Unfortunately, we do not hold accounts open. Unless you have successfully applied for WINZ benefits or finance, we ask that you pay in full after each appointment. You can apply for 12 months interest free finance with Q Card through our website

Q. I have a question not answered here...

A. Please give us a call! At out-of-hours times your call will either come straight through to our practice manager or will be picked up by the answering machine which is always checked first thing in the morning. Just remember to leave your name and number.