Pulling out teeth is still necessary in some situations. If a tooth is beyond repair, or so deeply infected that it will continue to cause pain after all possible treatment, it is easier and usually cheaper just to pull it out. A missing tooth is not usually a problem as far as eating goes, and there are still options available for replacement- bridges, dentures and implants are most common. For a detailed explanation of bridges and dentures see the links to the left. Implants are a longer and much more involved process and although we don't offer it at our surgery we will be able to refer you.

The amount of time for an extraction does differ depending on the type of tooth needing removal. Molars and other large teeth may take a little longer, while a childs' milk tooth may be over in less than a minute, most people will simply feel pressure rather than pain.

No further work is essential after an extraction unless you have decided to fill the space with a prosthetic tooth, or if a stitch needs to be taken out. We usually advise a few days before booking a return appointment to give the gums time to heal.